100% unique frames made by hand from recycled Skateboards.


Because we constantly need used skateboards we have started the soneart sponsoring program. We buy new decks and then hand them to skaters around us for free. After a couple of weeks they return their used decks with all the scratches we are looking for and we turn them into skateboard specs. Every single pair of frames has its own little unique story to be continued by you.


In our Frankfurt-based workshop all used skateboards are checked for quality. If we don’t find anything bad, we can finally turn them into frames. We have put a lot of heart and time into making our production as perfect as possible. Every single frame is produced and finished by hand in our workshop under 100% fair conditions.


Every frame is completely unique and only available once, you will definitely be the only person owning the set of frames you bought.
Check out our size chart before ordering, to make sure which size works best for you. BTW you can order every pair of glasses including lenses of your choice for an extra fee. Also, the optician of your choice will be able to fit your lenses for you.